Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Maplewood Lawn Care Pro provides weekly lawn mowing and lawn care for residential customers near Maplewood, Oakdale and Roseville in Minnesota. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified to identify your turf type and treat it properly.

They are very familiar with all regional turf types and know how to keep your lawn green and weed free! Take a look at our lawn care programs to see which one fits your needs!

Striving to give you the best looking lawn possible by consistently changing the products we use when seasons change. We always let you know what has been applied to your property and if you have any areas that require any additional attention or treatments.

Knowing how important family is, including your pets. Using only approved materials to keep your lawn looking its best but at the same time we keep it safe for everyone. Let us give you and your family the green, weed free lawn the deserve.

Core Aeration Maplewood MN

Maplewood Lawn Care Pro is a lawn and turf care company that uses expert lawn care services & staff to improve your lawn. We realize that all lawns are not the same, so we personalize a lawn plan specifically for you and your lawn. The last thing you want to do after a long week of work is come home and look at unhealthy lawn with weeds all over the place.

Don’t spend your weekends working in the yard to not get the results you want. Join us in creating the lawn you have always dreamed of. Our lawn programs are custom designed for your area.

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Continuous Lawn Care

We put our fertilization and weed control flags in your lawn after every fertilization and weed control service, it says that we have taken the time to do exactly what your lawn needs and more. If for any reason there is an issue in your lawn we are always available to discuss that with you and make a return visit at no charge if necessary.

Our lawn care programs ensure your lawn is receiving the proper amounts of fertilizer and nutrients along with weed prevention and control year round.

We always encourage that you stay with the program to have the best looking lawn year round. Make sure to core aerate your turf every year. We specialize in creating not only weed free lawns but beautiful and healthy lawns. Lawn care treatments, control and maintenance are just a few lawn care services that we offer.

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